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I'm Bailey. This is my story.

Goodness me!


I’ve waited an awfully long time to blog again. Sorry folks but life lately has been the definition of crazy. Basically:

-This is the best decision I ever made. I love my job, my friends, my school work, all of it.  There has never been another time for me to truly shine. And shine I will.

That’s it. Plain and simple. The beautiful thing about being in this city is that everyone here is doing something important. Everyone has a role, a purpose and we’re living those out. I watch people get in and out of the metro every morning and the atmosphere is obvious with importance.

I can not begin to describe to you how powerful everything feels here. Ideas become action and have the ability to impact millions of people. Yes, this might seem slightly corny but it’s just so true.

On a different note, my computer recieved water damage and is now out of commission. I really don’t know what happened to it and it’s quite upsetting. I do back up almost all of my documents via my gmail luckily. However, facebook is really going to be my only outlet for pictures. I feel so lost without my computer. I hate that though. I hate the idea of being so tied down to once piece of technology. Still. It’s ridiculous.

This week I have a couple of different stories I’m working on as well as a visit to the Holocaust Museum coming up this Friday. I’m pumped.



  • 16 September 2012